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2010-10-27 19:47:30 by AmericanAwesomeness

So there's this thing that I found called Winamp remote. It is amazing. It's been out for a while and offers free services that the iphone is just now getting. AND WINAMP REMOTE IS FREE. IPHONE KNOCKOFF IS NOT! What does it do? Well quite simply it lets you connect to your pcs music directories and play them anywhere in the world. And it works on any phone, pc, or ipod with internet access. Why am I telling you this? Quite simply because it is the single coolest thing in the world and it changed my life. And because they pay 7 bucks an hour for advertising. I mainly do it for advertising.

Winamp not required.

Sike! what I really wanted to tell you all is that I'm going to start postin my stuff on this site again starting around october 31.

But really. Download Winamp remote. Powered By Orb(C)



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2010-11-06 16:36:07

lol good post but you gotta check out this site that gives you FREE Xbox Live and PSN points before Microsoft or Sony shut it down! its called and ive been using it for awhile its great, especially with Black Ops on the way :P

AmericanAwesomeness responds:

lol good comment but you gotta stop spamming or else i'll give you a FREE knuckle sandwich! go die. chump.

How could i hate on a person with such a wonderful name? SPAM AWAY!!! SHITHOTT... Has a nice ring to it. But i digress. Why would you want to spam a fake ad? especially when mine doesnt try to steal info llike yours does.